My Photo Shoot with ZE Photography


Name: Geoff Souder
Vegan since: April 1st, 2011
Gig: Photographer
ZE Photography exists because: I wanted to show the non-vegan world that vegan food consisted of more than grass clippings and wood chips. I figured that if I could show how delicious vegan food is then maybe I could get some people to eat vegan for a meal or two a week.
A camera is a time machine. True or false? I like to think of a camera as an emotional bear trap with time machine capabilities. Freezing moments and locking them into the infinite is what a camera does. The relationship between a photographer and the camera can produce a way to transport you back in time to the moment when the shot was taken, and in that sense, I very much agree with the statement that a camera is a time machine.
Explain the motivation for the 52 Faces Project. The motivation for 52 Faces was to get people talking about love and compassion. We use this word every day- I love my shoes, I love my wife, I love my latte, I love my dog- yet when we stop to think about what love actually means to us, we really struggle. My hope is that when we start to think about what love actually is- a connected force that binds us all to the universe in which we live- we can start to understand that everything is made from love. And my hope is that we can start loving the creatures around us with the same love we hold for ourselves. “not the same, but equal’- It’s such an important thought, and it all starts with love.
Have you achieved your goal? Well, people still eat meat, hurt each other and act out of fear so I think I have a long way to go!
Photographers you admire: V.K. Rees- The Annie Leibowitz of food photography. Oh, and Annie Leibowitz.
Dream shoot: I would love to shoot Cobi Kim of Veggietorials… Oh, wait! haha! I don’t have a dream shoot, really, I just hope that ideas keep flowing through me and into the world. I have a very high opinion of what one person can do if they follow their passion relentlessly. I’m hoping that I can help push the world forward using my camera. That would really be the dream for me.
I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot with Geoff Souder during my recent visit to L.A. Even though I’m fine hamming it up in my own videos, I feel majorly awkward when I have to pose for photos. Geoff made the shoot an effortless experience and he is a master at capturing the subject in their best light (cheesy pun intended).
Since I knew I would be using the photos in both my media kit and across social media, I wanted a few different looks. We discussed the overall vibe that I was going for and Geoff skillfully captured a plethora of images in about an hour.
I absolutely love,Love,LOVE the way the photos turned out and I would highly recommend ZE-Photo for your next shoot.
You can connect with Geoff via social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Thanks Cobi! It was an honor to shoot with you. It makes things so much easier when my subject is willing to think outside the box and come on a journey with me. You made it easy!

  2. Beautiful photos. Thanks so much for Veggietorial and your great videos.

  3. Love these pictures of you Cobi .. looking beautiful as ever!

  4. Gorgeous pics Cobi!!

  5. Lovely photos! Captured you well. It’s nice to learn a bit about the photographer too.

    • Mahalo RG! I really love how he caught the “in between” moment in the first shot. Having my BFF at the shoot to keep me laughing helped too 🙂

  6. You are a gorgeous girl! Geoff does an amazing job, but he had a great subject this time!

  7. Gorg! Love these shots! Giddy up Cobi!

  8. These are beautiful shots – you must be super chuffed! I love the photographer’s take on why he started doing food snaps. 🙂

  9. So lovely to read a little more about your story Cobi. You make everything so fun and I love these snaps! Gorgeous woman, gorgeous soul!

  10. Cobi, these pictures are beautiful! The photographer really captured your beauty!! xxx

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