You’ve got mail :: What’s in a Conscious Box-April

Wowzers,yesterday’s mail delivery was like Christmas in April! My new lighting set-up/microphone arrived from Amazon so I can finish up a new video project, I got a sample of START! Hot Sauce to review(recipe in progress) and my April Conscious Box came,woohoo!

The April subscription box is curated by Chef Be*Live and full of awesome vegan swag.

Beanfields Snacks: Bean & Rice Chips Nacho – I’ve tried the SeaSalt and Pico de Gallo flavors before and these Nacho chips are just as delicious. As a salty,savory snacker, chips are one of my favorite things to get in these boxes.I love being introduced to new gluten-free,corn-free vehicles of crunch. These chips hold up to chunky salsa or vegan queso like a champ. I’m totally using these Beanfield’s chips the next time I make my Tortilla Chip Queso Casserole.

NurturMe Dried Baby Food– I don’t have kids and thought about giving this to my neighbor, but Winston the Pug gave me that sad face and I made it for him instead. It’s just organic pea powder that you mix with water, but I’m guessing that would be pretty convenient if you’re traveling with a baby. It receives Winston’s woof of approval and he considers himself to have a very discerning palette.

Everly Thrive Drink Mix- Just add the packet to a bottle of water for a refreshing pomegranate maqui berry flavored beverage that is very reminiscent of Kool-Aid, but without all the artificial crap.This product is brand new, the company actually has a Kickstarter going on to try and launch a full product line of the calorie-free drink mixes. I would definitely add this to my water bottle after a hike for a sweet flavored pick-me-up.

Totlogic Gentle, Natural & Light Body Lotion- I don’t have a baby but I do like using baby lotions and soaps since they are gentle on my skin.The Totlogic lotion is sulfate,phthalate,paraben, and DEA free. Smells very pleasant, fresh and baby lotion-like without artificial fragrance.And it made my hands as smooooth as a…..well, you know the rest.

Naturally It’s Clean Floors– I just mopped on Sunday,so I’ll let you know how I like this once I try it.

Citrus MagicNatural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener– Sometimes, life gets a little stinky. We’ve had road crews re-paving the streets in my neighborhood  for what seems like an eternity.The smell of fresh tar isn’t so appetizing, so I used a little spritz of the tropical citrus blend to eliminate the odor and poof! It was like an aroma therapy whisper of orange,lemon, tangerine and grapefruit. Made from essential oils.

Alternative Baking Company Gluten-Free, Vegan Cookie- OmNOMNOM! I already have to restrain myself from picking up one of these incredibly scrumptious cookies every time I check out at my local vegetarian market. And now they’re making them gluten-free???? I sampled the Chocolate Explosion and it’s a moist and chewy bite of heaven.

Seventh Generation Mandarin Refreshing Facial Cleansing Cloths (+ $1.50 coupon for any personal care product)- I’m always looking for a facial cleansing cloth that is free of all the chemical junk. This very mildly mandarin scented wipe was super soft on my skin and removed a good amount of dirt and grime after a hike. My skin felt refreshed and clean without being dry. I’m definitely buying more of these to take in my travel kit.

Nuline Nutritionals QSpeed Supplement– Co-Q10 supplement in a chewable tablet form. I don’t really get excited over supplements, I take them more because I have to,but if you’re looking for co-Q10 the taste is pretty similar to chewable vitamin C and non-offensive.

Butcher’s Bunches Handmade Preserves– I received the Monkey Bizzness spread and there’s some tasty shenanigans going on here fo’sure. Cacao,vanilla beans, sugar,bananas,orange juice and cocoa butter…need I say more? I just dove right in with a spoon, but you could be more dignified and spread it on something like toast or be decadent and fill mini donuts with this chocolate spread.

Want to give Conscious Box try…for FREE? Enter “SECRETCODE” at checkout for any monthly(one time delivery)  subscription, and your box is free. You’ll just be asked to pay shipping at checkout.Or you can sign up for  3-months, 6-months or the best deal is 1-year and get cool eco-freindly,vegan products delivered right to your door.I was still able to use “EARTHMONTH” to save 50%off a 3-month subscription gift for a friend this morning or you can use “SHARETHEWORLD” for 10% off your Conscious Box until Earth Day April 22,2013. Be sure to specify “Vegan” “Classic” or “GlutenFree” box from the drop down menu when you order HERE.

Disclaimer:This post is not sponsored and I was not compensated to write this review.I purchased this month’s Conscious Box with my own money and all opinions are my own.This post contains affiliate links so you can purchase the products yourself, if you so choose.

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  1. I really wanted to subscribe… but they don’t ship to Canada =/

    I love how you got some cleaning and beauty products too. And those chips are amazing.

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