Hinone Mizunone

When I eat Japanese food, I judge a restaurant on one thing first and foremost: the rice. Hinone Mizunone has a reputation that it’s all about the rice. As soon as you approach the entrance, you know they’re serious when you see two monster rice cooking pots featured in the large window. They supposedly prepare “gohan”, the rice, old style without electric rice cookers.

The white rice is perfectly steamed producing a texture that is fluffier than the rice cooker version. Not quite as dry as Chinese rice, it’s still slightly sticky (‘cuz locals like da sticky rice). You’ll notice the difference more when the rice has cooled.

But on the way out, we noticed a rice cooker (see pics) that was not there when we entered! What the heck is that about?! Anyway, the rice is good, the staff is super friendly and the service is so fast that you’ll barely have a chance to sip your sake before your order is already being placed in front of you.

Alas, I cannot add them to my favorite’s list – they offer almost NO plant food options. I mean… I guess you could ask for a cold, lifeless sliver of tofu to eat with your rice but I have a weakness for vegetable tempura. Or soba salad. Or something other than two sad lookin’ eggplant oshinko. Ya feel me?

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