Vegging Out:: Vegan Eats Alaska

I wouldn’t say it was easy to find decent vegan meals in Alaska but with a little planning and the help of your HappyCow smartphone app,you can score a tasty veggie vittle or two.

Rainbow Foods Juneau,AK- After two days on the Statendam,I was so ready to eat anything but cruise ship food.Lots of variety at this natural/organic food store.Produce looked fresh and bright,wide selection of plant-based packaged foods,frozen aisle,pro-biotic beverages and juices.Bought a little cup of Djibouti Salad to go along my Woodstock Veggie Chips and Victoria Almond Water.

Frontier Trading Post  Seward,AK- Stocked up on snacks for the 4 hour train ride from Seward to Anchorage.Gourmet on the Go Three Beans with Sweet Corn– Totally dig the convenience of this item.Didn’t have the chance to eat it on the train,as I ordered a lackluster Tomato Penne dish from the dining car instead.Edward & Sons Exotic Rice Toast Purple Rice and Black Sesame – Love the light,crunchy texture of these gluten-free crackers.St Claire’s Organic Watermelon Tarts– The perfect amount of sour and sweet to wake your mouth up.Sensible Foods Organic Crunch Dried Snacks,Apple Harvest– These sweet bits of of apple are the perfect snack to take the edge off when the “hangries” (hungry+angry) hit

Snow City Cafe Anchorage,AK- All I will say is “Get the hash browns”.Cooked like a boss and served as a side to many of the breakfast options, these crisp golden patties are also the perfect vehicle for veggies.I ordered the “Veggie Bypass” topped with red onions,tomatoes,and mushrooms.Tofu scramble is made with locally sourced tofu (I know…in Alaska??)and bean sprouts but was a tad salty for me.Chai latte (w/soymilk)=good.Came back for a fruit smoothie the next day.Be prepared to wait 15-30 min for a table during peak breakfast hours.

Middle Way Cafe Anchorage,AK- Ordered the Lebanese sandwich(veggies+hummus) and the black bean soup as they were easy and clearly vegan.Asked the cashier about other vegan options and realized she didn’t have a clue when she suggested the chicken wrap.Sandwich was really bland but the soup was fine after being copiously doused with Cholula sauce.I was intrigued by the Spicy Kale Ginger Lemonade,which looks horrific but tastes delicious.Best part of the meal was the strawberry cupcake…nothing about it tasted vegan,everything about it was delish.

Finn’s Pizza Homer,AK- The folks at Finn’s made me a mighty fine cheese-less pie.It started off all mine but then my cousin came in and wanted to add pepperoni & cheese to half of it.The pizza chef made a dough barrier to keep to non-vegan toppings from migrating to the veggie side.Spinach,kalmata olives,mushrooms,red peppers,thyme and garlic oil made the thin crust mouth party come alive.

Salty Dawg Saloon Homer,AK -A historic saloon on the Homer Spit filled with a mix of locals,fishermen and tourists.Deface some currency and tack your money to the wall after sucking down an Alaskan version of the classic Greyhound drink.Storytellers in the front,pool hustlers in the back.

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  1. If I ever go to Alaska, at last I shall know where to stock up on vegan / gluten free options. Mahalo Cobi! (p.s.- That penne looked rather a bore 🙁 and unfortunate)

    • Glacier Bay and the Kenai Penninsula were the most scenic spots…lots of wildlife sightings.And if you take the train,you can totally skip the overpriced and overcooked pasta!

  2. glad you found some at all. I just have in my head meat dominate place that. Happy you found that Rainbow Market that place looks awesome.

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