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Brunch is a simple luxury that I seem to only make time for when I travel. On my recent trip to LA, I packed up my bestie and we headed to Beverly Hills for a meal at LA Vegan Crepe.

We started with the Green Machine, a refreshing wake-up call juice with cucumber,spinach,kale and apple. They make a huge pitcher and our server topped off our glasses twice,which basically gave us two servings for the price of one. My cravings lean toward the savory,so I went for the Savoyarde crepe filled with pepper jack,cheddar and mozzarella vegan cheese,potatoes and apple smoked sausage with a white wine sauce. Served with a totally legit house salad, this crepe was completely satisfying. My wacky logic tells me that if I also order the raw kale salad, a huge bowl of green goodness with avocado,red bell pepper, sprouts and seeds,it will cancel out the two desserts I’ve got my eye on.

My belly was filled to the point of needing pajama jeans,so the desserts had to be packed to-go. The Mille Feuille with layers of puffed pastry filled with a banana cream was to die for. It’s not too rich and I found myself taking “just one more bite” until it was gone. If banana is not your thing, go for the Tiramisu.

The cost: Brunch for two + two desserts, about $50

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  1. My favorite crepe combo right now is: Caramelized green apple (in vegan butter) with spices, toasted walnuts, fig compote and vegan cheese! It’s good dipped in agave nectar! YUM! They serve this at a local creperie in Kansas City (my current city) called Chez Elle! Yum!

    • Apple crepes with fig compote sound amazeballs! I’m going to have to ask our local creperie if they will add a vegan option to the menu.

  2. If only people knew how excellent vegan food was they wouldn’t continuously make snide remarks about it. The crepe you ate sounded fantastic and now I want to experiment making something similar. I am now on my 6th batch of vegan cheddar cheese from Miyoko Schinner’s Artisan vegan cheese and friends that have tried it say its better than anything currently on store shelves. I enjoy reading your blogs.

    • Aloha Elizabeth! Please let me know how your experiments in all things crepe turn out.I’ve made the smoked provolone from Miyoko’s book and it is fantastic. I’ve had a hard time getting my hands on agar agar powder so have not been able to try some of the other recipes.Do you have a good resource for the elusive ingredient?

  3. All look delicious!

    • Aloha Rika! I’m craving this crepe right now đŸ™‚ Looks like you’ve been having an awesome adventure in Spain

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