Vegging Out :: Hangawi NYC

One of the best meals on my recent trip to New York was the prix fixe lunch at Hangawi. The moment you walk in and surrender your shoes before entering the dining room,you know you are in for a different type of experience.Wear something comfortable on your lower half, as you will have a seat on a floor cushion and enjoy your lunch service on a low table. Order a soju mojito and get ready for some superb vegan Korean food.

My pal Ali split the Mini Emperor’s Lunch with me,which consisted of pumpkin porridge, jap chae, bi bim bap, and petite scoops of chocolate + vanilla almond soy ice cream. We also ordered a Hangawi salad with mixed fresh greens,shredded pear, cucumber and crispy taro in a special sesame dressing. I didn’t feel guilty about the additional order of GF kale pajeon because hey,there’s green stuff in it!

The cost: (1) $22 prix fixe lunch+additional salad+appetizer + two cocktails = about $60 before tip

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  1. Everything looks so delicious! I’ll add that to my list of places to visit the next time I’m in NYC!

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