Downtown@the HiSAM 

Downtown@the HiSAM brings owner Ed Kenney’s  “local first, organic whenever possible, and with aloha always” fare to downtown Honolulu. Get there early ( before 11:30) or make a reservation because this place is packed by noon with both the business lunch crowd and tourists wandering over from Iolani Palace.

For some reason, I was surprised at the lack of veg*n options on the menu. To keep it real, I did not walk up to the takeout counter to see if they had different offerings there. But I did mention to my server that I was looking for a veg option and he recommended the lentil soup. If it wasn’t 87 degrees and 90% humidity today, that may have sounded like a good option. Instead, I opted for the sampler platter with hummus, curried coconut eggplant and poi. All good, nothing great and the portion is kinda manini for $9.

Mediocre lunch aside, I would go back to Downtown just for dessert. The Grapefruit-Campari Sorbet was so incredible, I did the happy dance in my seat. As it melts on your tongue, it’s Campari…then it slides around your mouth and BAM! Grapefruit. $4 for two scoops.

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