Road Trip to Angeline’s Bakery


In my Universe, the weekends are made for indulging. Earlier in the week, I had already sampled the carrot cake and cinnamon rolls from Angeline’s Bakery in the name of “research”. I woke up Friday morning jonesing for more vegan sugary goodness and begged my cousin to drive me back to the town of Sisters, OR so I could get my fix.

With all the plotting and planning I did to find eateries suitable for the most discerning plant-based foodies while on this food tour, Angeline’s Bakery had somehow eluded my list. Thank goodness my cousin remembered eating Angeline’s sandwiches, which led us to the promised land. The cases of vegan and gluten free baked goods will make you think you’ve died and gone to dessert heaven.

We stocked up on more cinnamon rolls because these are some of the best I’ve ever had. I am a fan of the lower profile roll rather than a bigger bun type confection since it allows all of the sugary, cinnamon goodness to get in to the crevices without making it tooth achingly sweet. The brownies are so fudgey, nutty, and moist, I had to get two. It’s a toss up on whether I liked the oatmeal raisin or ginger molasses cookie better- best to just call it a tie. The cookies are big enough to share and remember when you share, the half you keep is always calorie and fat free *insert wink and smile here*

To balance all of the sweet, I picked up some of the raw foods selections like curry flax crackers, buckwheat pizza “crusts” and cashew “cheese”. The cashew cheese is quite addicting. I had to stop myself from eating half the container all at once, remembering that it would be nice to have some to savor later.

If you want a more savory meal, Angeline’s offers a breakfast filled with tender morsels like scones or bagel sandwiches. For lunch,choose from soups, salads,”wraptures”, polenta pizza, veggie enchiladas and daily specials. During winter hours (Nov.-early June) the shop closes up at 4pm, so get there early for the best selection. Or, call ahead to reserve your treats if you know what you want. The staff was kind enough to get a bag of goodies ready for me so I wouldn’t be disappointed if the cinnamon rolls were all sold out. Friendly service and fantastic food make Angeline’s Bakery the perfect small town gem.

*All of the bakery goods in the cases are clearly labeled as to whether they are vegan or gluten free. If they are not labeled, assume conventional.

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