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  2. I just found out about your site/Youtube page today and I totally dig what you’re doing here!

  3. Hi there-I’m new to the world of vegetarian and vegan cooking. I am not a vegetarian myself. My sister has recently had to become vegan due to a medical condition so I’m always trying to find new things that she and my family would all enjoy. I am a little unsure of tofu but you mentioned substituting pureed beans. Is there a certain bean that would taste best in this recipe? If using canned beans do you know about how much will make 2 cups of puree? Thanks so much-this really sounds delicious!

    • Aloha Megan!What a wonderful sister you are to take time to find new recipes for your family.I’m guessing you’re trying to make the Not Yo’ Mama’s Meatloaf,right? A 15oz.can of beans(drained and rinsed well) will work fine.You can really use any beans you like, but cannelinis,navy beans,and kidney beans will work best for the loaf if you want it to look pretty.Using black beans or a green bean(like edamame) will change the color of the loaf and it will not look as pretty when you serve it.Hope that helps!

      • Thank you so much Cobi! That really helps. It was a very sudden and unexpected life change for my sister, but little by little we are finding great things to eat! Like I said, my own family is not a vegetarian, but I am always looking for ways to be healthier and I am working on adding more vegetarian meals to the menu plan each week that we all enjoy. The vegan ones are a bonus for my sister when she is around for a visit! :) I found your recipe watching the vegetarian channel on roku-thanks for sharing it! :)

  4. What is the basis for all the vegan cheeses?? Is it GMO stuff?

  5. I made your vegan meatloaf recipe tonight and it was AMAZING!
    I’ve tried so many vegan/vegetarian meatloaf recipes before but this one is the best!!!
    Even my meat-loving partner hit the dish and asked for more.

    • Aloha Snow!I’m so happy to know it worked out for you.And meat-lovers asking for seconds? Awesome!!!Did you serve it with cauliflower mash?

  6. I can’t believe I can cook local kine foods vegan. I would really love a vegan laulau, or whatever local. My husband & I were on a vegan kick, but slowly trying to incorporate it back into our lifestyle. Keep on doing what you are doing! Aloha

    • Aloha Kolokea!I have been trying to work out a vegan laulau and lomi “salmon”…it’s a bit of a challenge but I think I’m close :)Glad to hear you and your hubs are trying to incorporate more plant-based foods.Stay tuned for more local style ono

  7. Hi, My coworker stumbled upon your website and suggested it to me. These recipes look great! I was wondering if you have the recipe for the third item from the left displayed at the top of your site. It looks like it has pomegranate, pumpkin, and maybe apple or pear in it?

    • Aloha Jennifer! I don’t have an official recipe for that yogurt parfait yet, but I’ll try and get it posted soon. I just used coconut yogurt,organic pumpkin puree,apples and cacao nibs :)

  8. Hey Cobi! I wanted to stop by and says thanks for the Parmela recommendation. I just picked up my stash from Pangea ( yesterday. I’m pretty fortunate that the warehouse is located near my office, so I didn’t have to wait for it to ship. I tasted it last night and was completely shocked by how close it tasted to real parmesan. Now if I can only replicate that flavor in my own kitchen. I’ve been using The Sexy Vegan’s (Brian Patton) parm substitute and it’s great, but it’s no Parmela!

    Also, thanks for the chia pudding recipe. I’ll be making my second batch over the weekend. This time with the caramel (excuse me while I clean up my drool). LOL

    Next up, your “meatloaf” and ‘taters!

    • Aloha Lisa! You are so lucky to be able to walk into the Pangea warehouse,I have vegan shopping envy.Please send me a pic of your meatloaf and taters,I love seeing how the recipes turn out :)

  9. Hi Cobi!I was going to ask if there was a substitute for the Linwoods product, but after reading the recipe for the your “meatloaf” it seems that’s a key ingredient. I won’t mess around with that. As soon as I can get my hands on the Linwoods nuts & seeds, I’ll be sure to send a pic. In the meantime, I need to slow down cooking all this vegan food so that I can catch up on eating it. The frig is getting overloaded. LOL! Not a bad problem to have. Just made Miyoko Schinner’s alfredo sauce for the second time. Good stuff! You should give it a try if you haven’t already.

    • Aloha Lisa, If you can’t find the Linwoods,you can grind up your own blend of walnuts,brazil nuts and flax.The Linwoods blend does have a great light texture,kind of like adding bread crumbs.I love Alfredo sauce, so will definitely give that recipe a go!

  10. i’ll have to try this recipe.

  11. Your site is very interesting, but I can’t get into the recipes :(

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