Plant-Based Portland Guide

Put on your elastic pants, it's time to EAT!

Portland is a plant-based foodie’s wildest dream. This guide is designed to help you navigate the city’s must-eat vegan vittles via neighborhood or by food category.

Whether you have just a weekend or an extended stay in PDX, being strategic with your gustatory plan of action will allow you to fully expand into an appropriate pair of elastic pants.

Navigate by neighborhood and plan your eating excursion with my recommendations for well-appointed Airbnb accommodations, juice bars, eateries, cocktail lounges and a little Portland weird.

“Eat these Eight” lists curate my 8 top dishes/spots in a food category. Spend a whole day perseverating over pizza. Indulge your inner fat kid and enjoy ice cream every hour, on the hour. Celebrate Fry-day with French fries from the crispiest, deep fried potato outposts in town.

Lists by food category:

Burgers 🍔

Donuts 🍩

Fries 🍟

Ice Cream 🍦

Mac’n Cheese 🧀

Markets 🏪

Noodles 🍜

Pizza 🍕

Salad 🌿

Tacos 🌮

OR get it free