My Week in Photos- It’s been a colorful week

Why do I take photos of my food? Because it’s like capturing a moment of happiness. The flutter of anticipation before the first bite. Taking a photo forces me to take pause and appreciate the architecture of each plate and to be more mindful about my meal.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over; it became a butterfly.”

Ume Soba Noodles+ Sesame


Fruit Sushi…cute food is more fun to eat. Working on a kid-friendly food series

This is brunch when I’m too lazy/busy/hot to cook

Childhood Lunch Redux::GF English Muffin Pizza


Okinawan Sweet Potato+Garnet Yam+Polenta Stack w/Sauteed Kale & Spicy Pecans

First YouTube milestone:I hit 1,000 subscribers! Thank you so much for your support♡

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  1. Wonderful pictures and rationale for why. It is all about presentation and being mindful. Thank you!

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