My Week in Photos- Enjoy the View

 My brother and his wife came to visit last week, so I spent a little less time in the kitchen and more time playing with them.

My favorite view in the whole world. Mokulua Islands, Lanikai Hawaii


Spent a lot of time with my brother and SIL during their visit, so just threw together some quick lunches like this falafel salad.

I don’t post a lot of pics of my greens but I eat a TON!These are fresh from my garden. Usually in green smoothies, salads or quick stir fry.

Making this basic bento inspired me to do a bento series. Planning to do a gluten-free box, soy-free box and a raw box.

Took my brother and Lara to try Frost City

Winston’s computer came back from the repair shop

Japanese eggplant from my Aunty’s garden prepared with a miso glaze, so Ono! Click photo for recipe

First attempt at Kimchi fried rice balls, inspired by The Great Food Truck race. Planning on filming a video recipe soon

Kaimana Beach. Wish you were here

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  1. What a beautiful week you had! Give Cory and Lara big hugs from me… so happy we’ll be there in June!

  2. Fantastic pictures, Cobi! Beautiful and delicious dishes make me hungry and I should be full! 🙂

  3. O.M.G.! I think I pretty much want your life 🙂

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