My Week in Photos- Dog Days of Summer

It’s hot!

It’s so hot, I had to set up a desk outside on the patio. Winston and Mr. Stinky like the cool tile on their bellies.

Cold soba noodles hit the spot on a summer day

I ate a LOT of salads this week too! These tomatoes from Ho Farms were ridiculously sweet.

Still trying to get rid of my slippah tan!

Daiya Jalapeno Garlic Havarti w/ Lychee Jelly…oh yeah!

My kitchen scrap vegetable garden is looking pretty good! Click on the photo to check out my easy DIY video

My new love, a Shun knife (gift from cousin Po)

Random grocery haul: I’ve got big plans for the fillo dough and agar!

When it’s absolutely, positively too hot to cook, the best thing to make is…reservations!

One of my favorite new restaurants is The Grove. We may not have an all vegan restaurant in Kailua yet, but there are certain establishments that make a great effort to have more plant-based options. The Grove offers beautiful salads, flatbreads,and sandwiches that can be easily veganized and my favorite, the kiawe grilled vegetable terrine. The terrine is a piece of art. Layers of eggplant, zucchini, peppers, sea asparagus,tomatoes and basil are served cold (or warm by request) atop swirls of two different  purees, kabocha pumpkin and Okinawan sweet potato. Dig into this stack of yum and make sure to get some of the balsamic reduction on your fork to tie it all together into a perfect bite. The presentation is so gorgeous, I’d expect to see it plated for close to $20 at someplace like Millennium in San Francisco. It’s on the menu for only $8 here! And if you really want to dine frugally, get there between 5:30-6:00pm for the early bird menu- 3 courses for $17.

The Grove on Urbanspoon

Kiawe Grilled Vegetable Terrine @The Grove, Kailua

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