My Week in Photos- Back to my little grass shack

I’m a solar powered girl! After months in the tricky weather of Bend,OR, it’s a delight to soak up some Vitamin D and ground myself with a morning walk on the beach

Winston the Pug likes it too!

Frost City– If you are ever on Oahu and you fancy frozen desserts, this place should be on your “must do” list. Shaved “ice cream” layered onto a plate and served with fresh fruit, mochi bits and tiny, fruit juice filled caviar. Non-dairy flavors like watermelon,star fruit, and lilikoi will turn you into an addict after the first bite. I love island style shave ice a lot but I would give it up to eat this frosty treat everyday.Frostcity on Urbanspoon

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a series videos featuring Korean dishes. Maybe I’ll start with Bi Bim Bap, now that I’ve perfected the vegan fried egg, then move on to Puchim and JapChae. Picked up this awesome stone bowl and some kimchi at Palama Market.

Made time to support my favorite Honolulu meat free kitchen, Peace Cafe, and had this Italiano sandwich- YUMMERS! Super delicious bread is piled with organic greens, roasted eggplant, and red peppers

Aloha Friends!

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  1. thanks for the headup on ready-made dolmathes at Costco. i love stuffed grape leaves as well and the ingredients listed on their box are very fine.
    –also Peace Cafe isn’t the only vegan eatery in Honolulu. there are two Loving Huts, one on King/Punahou, the other on Pensacola/Young, and Simple Joy also on King between Pensacola/Piikoi. The Loving Huts use many high quality, organic ingredients in their dishes and their faux meats are gluten/gmo-free. the LH at Punahou has fantastic Vietnamese style dishes including 2 using fragrant lemongrass.

    • *Facepalm* You are so right, I totally forgot about the Loving Huts. I’ve been to the one on Pensacola but still want to try the Punahou location. My experience has been that the menu and quality of food varies greatly from location to location.I’d love to try the lemongrass dishes!

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