My Plant-based Pantry Essentials

I’m just providing a list since I gave a pretty complete description of all the products in the video.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

In no particular order:

Yellow or White Miso ( organic nonGMO)

Wizard’s or Annie’s Worcestershire Sauce

Tamari ( wheat free)

Nama Shoyu ( unpasteurized, raw, organic)

Nutritional yeast ( enriched with b12)

Mirin ( Aji Mirin)

Unseasoned Rice Vinegar ( sodium free, sugar free)

Sesame Seeds

Beluga black lentils

Cannelini beans

Fire roasted tomatoes

Vegetable Bouillon ( or no-chicken base/stock)

Sea salt

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  1. […] This recipe for ChiChiDango (rice cakes) is one that my mother has used for years. It’s very simple and a local favorite in Hawaii. The only exotic ingredient you will need is mochiko (sweet rice flour). All the other ingredients should be in your well-stocked pantry. […]

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