Monthly Favorites :: July- Vegan Travel Edition

In a perfect world, I’d pack my Vitamix in my suitcase,fill my carry-on with fresh produce and be off to see the world. The reality is I grab some super tasty snacks and cram my plant-based travel essentials into luggage teetering at 48.6 pounds.Here’s my list of the top 10 products that made traveling as a vegan easier.

  1. MasalaPop Chai Masala Popcorn-Flavor notes are bold,the black pepper and tea notes really linger in your mouth…in a good way.Gluten-free
  2. Earth Balance PB Pops-Reminds me of popcorn balls from my childhood.Gluten-free
  3. Bold Organics Cheese Pizza-Use it as a base for veggie toppings.Made with Follow Your Heart cheese.Does not taste noticeably vegan hot from the oven.Texture changes considerably as it cools. Gluten-free
  4. GinGins Ginger Hard Candies-Natural remedy for motion sickness,sea sickness.Pop a couple of these candies when feeling woozy to ease nausea. Gluten-free
  5. HumanGear GoToob-Perfect for lotions,potions or condiments.BPA free/food safe.Made of silicone.Airplane carry-on approved.
  6. Oil of Oregano-Fixs tummy upset,knocks out colds,antimicrobial,anitfungal .Learn more about it in Kevin Gianni’s video here
  7. One Drop Deodorizer– Forms an odor seal,like a dome to keep the stink from escaping the toilet.
  8. HydroFlask– Keeps liquids hot or cold for over 12 hrs. Double vacuum insulated,stainless steel,BPA-free
  9. Dr Bronners Organic Hand Sanitizer– Gentler on my skin than most hand sanitizers..Fresh lavender scent.Convenient spray
  10. HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamin C Powder-Mix with water for an instant immunity boost.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored but does contain affiliate links, in case you want to purchase some of the products yourself.This video is not intended as medical advice.Consult a trusted medical professional before using any supplements.





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  1. Great video! So glad to know about these snacks!

  2. Hi Cobi,
    The Masalapop Chai Masala Popcorn sounds delicious but are you aware it is not vegan, in that it contains butter?

    • Aloha Patti,Hmmm.If you check out the video I included a shot of the ingredient list.I don’t see butter listed as an ingredient.The package is labeled as “vegan” and I bought it at Food Fight Grocerywhich only sells vegan products.Is there something I’m missing?

    • Aha! I just looked at the website and the ingredient list shown there for the Chai Masala does indeed list butter, how odd. I will contact the company.Stay tuned

  3. Hello, this is Neha from Masala Pop, so sorry for the confusion. Our Chai Masala popcorn is indeed vegan! We made the switch from butter a few months ago after a successful experiment with organic coconut oil. Patti and Cobi thanks for bringing the need to update our website to my attention! Happy Snacking!

    • Thanks for the official response Neha.I’m happy I’ll still be able to enjoy your tasty vegan snacks!

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