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I get a lot of questions about my favorite vegan/cruelty-free beauty brands. My go-to site for all the latest and greatest beauty products is Jen Mathew’s MyBeautyBunny, so I thought I’d invite her over to share her top five vegan beauty brands.

Great vegan beauty brands used to be hard to find. We’re lucky today that there are so many new vegan brands out there to explore. Today I’m going to talk to you about my top 5 vegan beauty brands.

Beautisol was created by celebrity spray tan artist and aesthetician, Sinead Norenius. She is passionate about helping people achieve a healthy glow with instant tanner and anti-aging products. She saw a missing link between the availability of product education and the end consumer, so she has worked to help educate people. Her sunless tanning products are cruelty-free and vegan. They’re also streak-free, smell good (no gross DHA smell), and help you to achieve the perfect golden tan. Beautisol has specialized face self-tanners, body self-tanners, exfoliant, and anti-aging skincare products. You should definitely check out Beautisol’s new Tea Tan Glow – a rinse-off product that gives you an instant sun-kissed glow without the commitment.

Professional cosmetologists are exposed to ingredients in hair products dozens of times a day. DermOrganic was created to provide both consumers and cosmetologists with healthy hair care products. They’re all vegan, contain no animal by-products, are not tested on animals, have no sulfates, salt, sodium chloride, glycols, DEA, MEA, dyes or food coloring. They are gluten-free, paraben-free, and contain no artificial preservatives. The products are made with EFA lipids and amino acids, vegetable proteins, and contain the miracle worker, argan oil. They nourish the hair without weighing it down. The must try product is the Leave in Spray Therapy treatment.

Rebecca Brayton spent 6 years researching and developing Relogy for her daughter, who suffered from persistent acne. Relogy combines clinical acne treatments with the healing power of natural ingredients to bring you a healthier way to fight and prevent acne. These acne skin care products don’t strip your skin with harsh cleansers; instead they use natural anti-inflammatory antiseptics and balance the skin’s pH. Relogy products are vegan and cruelty-free. They contain no animal by-products of any kind. They use natural materials whenever possible and are passionate about being socially responsible. Their three-product system is meant to streamline the skincare process and cut down on the multiple products that you’re told you need. They save you time and are gentle on your skin.

Cult Nails
Maria Morrison, a nail blogger, had a dream to start a nail polish company. She would often mix colors to get exactly what she was looking for. Finally she took matters into her own hands and developed her own line with her unique interpretation of fashion trends. She wanted to have a green company, so she made sure her polish does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, or camphor. She also loves animals and made sure that her products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals, and do not use animal byproducts or ingredients that are tested on animals. She uses recycled boxes that can be reused by the consumer and utilizes cotton balls to protect her nail polish during shipping. Her polish line is constantly being updated with new, on-trend colors. There’s a shade to suit everyone’s taste.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
OCC, as it is fondly known, was founded by David Klasfeld. It’s a clever nod towards how obsessed people can get over makeup. For David, he was obsessed with creating makeup with the finest ingredients possible. Rather than just cruelty-free, he upped the ante to create products that are vegan and never use lanolin, beeswax or carmine. He has created gorgeous Lip Tars, eyeshadows, nail polish, and airbrush foundation to suit anyone’s complexion. His products are a makeup artist’s dream because they allow for the utmost in customization. They can be mixed to produce an endless array of colors. If you’re new to makeup and not comfortable mixing your own shade, the variety offered will surely have the perfect color to suit your mood. If there’s only one product you try from OCC, it must be the Lip Tars!

From your lips to your tips and skin, we’ve got you covered with the best in vegan beauty brands. You can be beautiful and conscientious too!

Jen Mathews is the Editor-in-Chief of  My Beauty Bunny, a beauty blog for stylish ladies and gents who love beauty and hate animal testing! Jen is also a social media guru and President of Top Tier Social Media, a social media and online media agency for beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle brands.

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  1. This post is very useful to me since I am a makeup junkie. Where are the products available?

    • Aloha Debbie, I love make up too 🙂 Most of the products are available at Sephora. I also included direct links in the blog post for each company and Amazon links for some of the specific products,like the OCC Lip Tars…a favorite!

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