Coconut Mango Chia Pudding Recipe

Summer is almost over and that means mango season is coming to an end here in Hawaii. To celebrate my last perfectly ripe Hayden mango,I made this ridiculously easy but totally delicious chia pudding.

Top this superfood pudding with fresh fruit to keep it healthy or serve it with the salted caramel sauce for a decadent treat.

I prefer to use white chia seeds instead of black for this recipe just because it looks prettier but feel free to use whatever type you have on hand.

Coconut Mango Chia Pudding Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4-6 servings
  • For the chia pudding
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 mango,divided
  • 3 pieces crystalized ginger or ½ inch piece fresh ginger
  • 1 tsp cardamom
  • 2 T chia seeds
  • For the salted caramel sauce
  • ¾ cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup coconut sugar
  • 2T. vegan butter
  • pinch of sea salt
  1. For the pudding
  2. Blend 1 cup coconut milk,1/2 of the mango,ginger and cardamom in a blender or food processor until smooth.
  3. Pour the mixture into a glass container with a lid.
  4. Add the chia seeds and shake vigorously.
  5. Slice the remaining half of the mango into small cubes and mix in.
  6. Refrigerate for 4 hours. The chia seeds will plump up and the mixture will thicken.
  7. For the salted caramel sauce
  8. Add ¾ cup coconut milk and coconut sugar to a large saucepan.
  9. Reduce over med-high heat for 15 minutes. Mixture will start to thicken.
  10. Add a dollop of vegan butter for an extra rich sauce and finish with a pinch of sea salt.
  11. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature.
  12. Store unused portions of both the pudding and the sauce in airtight containers and refrigerate for up to 3 days.

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  1. Mmmmmm that looks divine, Cobi! The salted caramel is one of my favorite additions to any kinds of desserts. I like my desserts a bit salty and sweet at the same time. What brand did you use for the coconut milk? I avoid the canned ones due to the pungent smell.

  2. Just made this. Soo delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. Hi Cobi,
    I am so happy you live in Hawaii! I too, live in Hawaii and am a vegan. I am anxious to try this dessert on my family. Thank you for all your interesting recipes.
    I still have to try the loco moco recipe I saw a while back on your site.


  4. Hi again Cobi, I am on Maui. Wish you could come and do a demonstration on Maui too. Wishful thinking. I am going to make it today…Yay. I will let you know how the Ohana likes it. I am sure they will!

  5. The combination of the pudding and caramel is OUTRAGEOUS!

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