Perhaps I could have shown more restraint but I didn’t. Like most Americans, we had a Memorial Day BBQ and I ate most of what came within reach of my little paws. Chips, crackers, bagels, Sheese, loaded baked potatoes, grilled corn, coleslaw, taco cups, candy, bloody marys, margaritas…I’m going to stop there lest you think I have a tape worm or that I am just a glutton. I did manage a salad or two, but I still felt bloated and in desperate need of repair. On an average day, I’d be making a big green smoothie. My VitaMix is already packed up for the trip home to Hawaii and I tried to use my cousin’s Blendtec- FAIL! I had so much work to finish after being disconnected from Wi-Fi for 72 hours, quick convenience was key in getting some proper nutrition today.

I received a sample of the Chia\Vie smoothies recently and the timing was perfect to give them a try. Each bottle is a single serving that comes in a recyclable aluminum container that is perfect to throw in your bag if you’re on the go. I drank the whole bottle of the Mango-J for breakfast and had my entire AI (adequate intake 1.1g for women) of omega 3’s for the day. Aha! Now my brain is working again. Since I’m from the islands, tropical flavors always appeal to me. The smoothie isn’t overly sweet and I enjoy the tang of the mango.

I had the bottle of banapple-berry smoothie for lunch with some raw buckwheat crackers and felt completely satisfied. While the banapple-berry didn’t have a really distinct flavor like the mango, the fruity goodness was still highly drinkable. *glug, glug, glug*

One of the pluses I see in this product is that the chia seeds are ground, as opposed to being left whole, so the nutrients are more bioavailable. Chia is magical because it is a sustainable crop that is naturally pest resistant, vegan, gluten-free, high in protein and fiber. The gel-like consistency helps move things along (if ya get my drift) after a weekend of hard eating. I did question the ingredient listed as “natural flavor” but contacted the company and was assured that these ingredients are plant derived, organic compliant, GMO-free, MSG-free, all-natural, Kosher Pareve, and vegan. I would definitely take these Chia\Vie smoothies along on my next road trip adventure since refrigeration is not required (shake well and  chill for best taste).

How do you put yourself back together after over indulging?

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  1. David Bruce says:

    You’re misinformed about chia seeds! Unlike flaxseed they ARE 100% bioavailable in the whole form and unlike flaxseed do NOT need to be ground to get all the nutrients.
    Dr. Wayne Coates is the foremost expert on chia and here’s where he supports this:

    • Mahalo for your comment David. I most definitely do not proclaim to be an expert about anything other than eating, so I appreciate your feedback and the supporting link.I will do further research, as the article states “not really…” as his response to whether the seeds need to be ground, which doesn’t seem like an adamant “NOT” to me. How do you use chia?

      • David Bruce says:

        Aloha to you! đŸ™‚ I love chia and put it in lots of stuff i eat…. oatmeal, cereal, salad, muffins and my own smoothies. I’ve studied a lot about chia and have always read that it needn’t be ground. that’s one of the reasons i abandoned flax and love chia!!!! also, Dr. Coates does say at the end of the quote, “…there is no scientific proof that this is the case with chia.” I know some people are claiming it is more effective ground but I have NEVER seen any proof of that either and would hate for people to be put-off on chia thinking they had to work to enjoy the benefits.

        So glad you’re helping spread the word about chia (and I LOVE the pics on your blog… just beautiful!).

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