Aloha Friday! How does your garden grow? 

Aloha Friday! How does your garden grow? Just call me a garden geek because nothing makes me happier than eating something I grew myself. Each seed I plant promises a brand new beginning. 

I’ve been testing to see if I could grow a few new fruits and veggies after my success with leafy greens and bananas. The dwarf Meyer lemon tree finally sprouted some buds- hooray! And I just saw the first two strawberries bid good morning to the world. I wouldn’t say organic gardening has been without challenges. But it is so satisfying to walk out in the morning and pluck the ingredients that I put into my green smoothie right from the branch.

Next up, I’ll attempt to grow a rare Hokkaido Black Watermelon from seed. Why? My curiosity got the best of me after seeing it  posted on Facebook by none other than my 97 year old Grandfather. He does a daily “Uncommon Fruit” dossier which I am always intrigued by. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, and eaten it all, he posts something that I have to try. The rind of the Densuke watermelon is black and the flesh is supposedly much firmer and sweeter than anything you’ve ever had in your life. I ordered ten seeds for $3.99, so fingers and toes crossed that the seeds are viable and will sprout.

What’s happening in your garden?

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