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  • The Restaurant: 3660 on the Rise 3660 Waialae Ave. Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 (808) 737-1177
  • The Dish: Pan-seared Panko Crusted Aloha Tofu $11.50 (appetizer)
  • The Rave: It is worth a visit to Kaimuki just for this dish. Even if you  don’t have a good relationship with tofu, I encourage you to try this preparation. Firm tofu is coated with Japanese style bread crumbs, pan-fried until a golden crust forms, then topped with a ginger scallion pesto that delivers a punch to your tastebuds. A delicately sweet garlic mirin broth and fire-roasted shiitakes round out the Asian flavors of this vegan-friendly appetizer.
  • The Notes:  A nightly vegetarian/vegan entrée is available for $24.50. Last night (and on my prior two visits), the vegan special was penne pasta with roasted vegetable, tomato blah blah blah. Chef Russell Siu specializes in Pacific Rim cuisine, so  I find it hard to get excited about a dish that seems like an after thought, considering the price. If you have a big appetite, you can order a double portion of the tofu appetizer as an entrée. For me, the appetizer portion with a large Nalo greens salad was enough to feel satiated.
  • Caveat: Other than the above mentioned dishes, this restaurant is not vegan-friendly. Soups will most likely have a chicken/beef/fish stock. Check with the server about bread options.

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If you want to experiment with making a similar dish at home, check out my recipe for Panko Crusted Tofu. My recommendation is to always press the tofu to achieve a less spongy texture. I love using my TofuXpress* gadget to make the job quick and easy.

Before heading to dinner, I snapped this stormy view of Kaka’ako from my Aunt’s balcony. This is about 10 minutes west of where the restaurant is located but I just wanted to share the skyline with you.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored. No one paid me to eat savory tofu, but if that’s a real job, how do I get hired? *If you purchase the TofuXpress via my Amazon affiliate link, I will earn a small commission that helps fund this blog. Mahalo for your support!

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