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You’ve Got Mail :: Vegan Cuts Beauty Box for January 2014

Products in the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box– January 2014

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Fermented Tea Leaf Salad Recipe

The most magical salad I ever ate was the Fermented Tea Leaf Salad at Burma Superstar in San Francisco. Tart and tangy green tea leaves are doused with fresh lemon juice, then tossed with savory bits of roasted peanuts, various seeds and legumes, chopped tomatoes, chills and fried garlic. If I had to eat a salad everyday for the rest of my life, it would be this unique combination of crunchy-sour-savory yum.

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How to Make Cooking Videos – The Basics

I’m often asked what equipment I use and how I make my videos. My father was a professional photographer during one of his lifetimes and taught me the basics. The rest of what I know was gleaned on the interwebz. The only issue is sorting through all of the information out there to find the mentors that will help craft your videos into quality content people want to watch.

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Vlog: What I Ate on Day 3 of the FullyRaw Challenge

Vlog: What I Ate on Day 1 of the FullyRaw Challenge

New year, new me! I’m doing the 21 Day Fully Raw Challenge to reboot my system after the holidays.

In this vlog, I’ll show you how I made a Pitaya Pina Colada bowl for breakfast and my Groovy Greens Salad for dinner.

Have you guys made any healthy changes for 2014?