12 Days of Vegan Christmas: Epic GIVEAWAY!!!

Mele Kalikimaka friends! It’s time to deck the halls, snuggle by the fire and fa-la-la-la-la-la with a mug of mulled wine and good friends. To give your a holidays a kickstart, I’ve partnered with Whitney Lauritsen of Eco-Vegan Gal, Kathy Patalsky of Healthy.Happy.Life. and some of my favorite brands to bring you the most EPIC Vegan Giveaway of the year!

I also wanted to express my deepest gratitude to all of YOU that have been on this journey with me. Veggietorials has afforded me opportunities I never would have dreamed of and it’s all because of your encouragement and support. Mahalo for all of your comments, thank you for sending me photos when you recreate my recipes and I am so blessed to have you as  part of my internet Ohana.

From now until Dec.25th, we’ll be uploading 12 videos to our YouTube channels with holiday inspiration, tips, gift guides and our favorite vegan-friendly finds. Each day you will have the chance to enter the giveaway* and earn points to win the ENTIRE prize pack! Yes, you read that right. One lucky person is going to WIN over 20 fabulous prizes with a value of over $2700, delivered right to their door.

1. Vitamix: Certified reconditioned standard blender
2. Miyoko’s Creamery cheeses: $100 gift certificate
3. Vegan Cuts: 6 month Beauty Box subscription
4. Essentia: Natural latex pillow
5. T-Fal: Clipso pressure cooker
6. OneLuckyDuck: $100 worth of snacks and goodies
7. Nespresso :VertuoLine Machine
8. CogniTea: 20-pack
9. Philosophie: $100 worth of superfood powders
10. Claire Farwell: Ireland dress
11. Sweet&Sara vegan marshmallows: $50 gift code to their online store
12. Dole Bananas and Greens package: Yonanas Machine, tote bag, yoga mat, headphones, tumbler + bento box
13. DF Mavens ice cream: 4-pack
14. Raw Green Organics: 2 Detox kits
15. Zabada:Kitchen Handy
16. Natural Delights Dates package: 6 packs Medjool Dates, tote bag, water bottle, apron
17. OSEA: Beauty starter set
18. The Wonder Seed: Entire line of their skin care products
19. Charles Viancin: silicone lids
20. Ellovi: Body butters and lip tints
21. “365 Vegan Smoothies” cookbook
22. “Healthy, Organic Vegan on a Budget” ebook

The Giveaway Details:
* Entrants must live in the United States to qualify.

  • Watch all 12 videos (they’ll be on our YouTube channels, plus linked on social media and our websites)
  • Hint: listen for the sleigh-bell sound effect!
  • Return to Veggietorials.com each day to find the next entry details
  • Spread the word (since it’s a point-based system this will strengthen your chance of winning!)
  • The winner will be chosen on Christmas Day, December 25th
  • Winner will have 24hrs to claim prize after being notified or an alternate will be chosen
  • Prizes will be received no later than January 5, 2015
  • The Rafflecopter widget below has all of the entry details, so get crackin’ and best of luck!

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DISCLOSURE: This is NOT a sponsored series. Prizes were generously donated by the brands we asked to participate, but there are no sponsorship involved. Aka, we are not getting paid, we want to celebrate our subscribers, the holidays, these awesome brands!

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  1. I love making homemade vegan ginger cookies and mulled cider 🙂

  2. Caitlin Tharp says:

    During the holidays I really love cheese cake. I’m hoping to make a raw vegan one this year to share with my nonvegan family.

  3. my favorite food to eat is anything my mom cooks… nothing like mama’s (KOREAN) cooking 🙂

  4. My favorite holiday food is…..Oh man so many! Probably right now? Healthy “nutella” date truffles

  5. I’m so excited for Christmas! My favorite Holiday dinner is Mash Potatoes, can’t wait to try out the Vegan Zombie recipe I saw on youtube the other day. 🙂 Mmm

  6. Tabitha Wheeler says:

    I love side dishes best, especially my healthy version of green bean casserole=)

  7. My very favorite holiday food is dark, sticky gingerbread cake. All the savory stuff that comes beforehand is great, but nothing can compare to this classic holiday dessert!

  8. That’s easy: pumpkin pie!!

  9. Sweet Potato Souffle. I need to figure out how to veganize it.

  10. Oh my goodness I really can’t choose but probably anything beta carotene related :-P. Ex: sweet potatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash, pumpkin

  11. Ah my favorite food to eat during the holidays? It’s hard to choose! I love making things that are seasonal, I especially love making healthier versions of desserts for everyone 🙂 Your recipes look great by the way!

  12. My favorite food during the holidays is my grandmother’s cornbread dressing, and a good pumpkin pie! 🙂

  13. Pumpkin Bread, Christmas Cookies, hot chocolate and chai tea.

  14. I love making cookies around the holidays.

  15. mtgoodfellow05 says:

    I love mashed potatoes.

  16. Devin Oxner says:

    My favorite holiday food is probably pumpkin bread. So yummy!

  17. I love making and eating my fully raw vegan pumpkin pie, with a pecan date crust! It’s so good, I make it all year round

  18. April Deters says:

    I love green bean casserole!

  19. I love the vegan sweets, cookies and cupcakes are what i am all about for the holdiays!

  20. My favorite holiday food is probably sweet potato casserole. Soooo tasty. 🙂

  21. I like getting mixed nuts in the shells, and eating them next to a cozy fire.

  22. Apapeony Peony says:

    what an awesome giveaway!

  23. Gingerbread loaf and vegan lemon curd puts me right in the mood from the making to baking and of course the eating

  24. I love stuffing and will be trying to make my own this year

  25. Michele Coccaro Benedict says:

    Aloha Cobi!! My favorite food during the holidays is pasta, I’ve been drastically cutting back on it so I’m going to splurge a little during the holidays! 🙂

  26. Anything made with Cauliflower!

  27. I love holiday cookies, especially gingerbread!

  28. Cookies! Chocolate chip, preferably!

  29. I’m a sucker for anything pumpkin whether it’s cookies or pie!

  30. My works fruit salad <3 and my moms PB blossom cookies, i also need to figure out how to veganize them 🙂

  31. I always love cookies during Christmas!

  32. My absolute favorite is dressing.

  33. I love vegan rabanadas. 😉

  34. Chelsea Ortiz says:

    During the holidays I like to eat any kind of creamy casserole dish (that’s vegan of course)!

  35. Jessica T. says:

    I am a sucker for chocolate covered peanut butter balls!

  36. Shirley Smith says:

    My favorite thing to eat during the holidays is Tofu and Rabanadas

  37. Shirley Smith says:

    My favorite place to buy our Vegan foods are Whole Foods Market , Trader Joe’s and Vegan Essentials.com

  38. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pillows from Vegan Cookies Take Over Your Cookie Jar count as a favorite holiday food right?

  39. My favorite food during the holidays: dessert!! Really any kind, but I love vegan pie, vegan cookies, and vegan white chocolate popcorn. Yum!

  40. sweet potatoes!

  41. Stephanie Blake says:

    My favorite food during holidays (especially christmas time) is sugar cookies! I have lots of memories of making them each year(: and the vegan ones I made last year were a big hit for everyone.

  42. I have a mean penchant for gingerbread cookies. Also, anything my family makes because they make all their holiday food from scratch!

  43. I love to make potatoes of any kind and form!

  44. my favorite holiday food is sweet potatoes!

  45. My favorite holiday food is hot cocoa. No other time of the year makes me more excited to drink it!

  46. lyla san jose says:

    I love my mom’s (vegan-ized) pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. She’s been baking them every year for as long as I can remember and it just wouldn’t be the same without them!

  47. Mashed potatoes!

  48. This looks amazing! I love eating vegan chocolate chip cookies or anything chocolate really

  49. Lydia Claire says:

    The food I look forward to most is vegan stuffing at Thanksgiving!

  50. I love having soups during the holiday season! Goes well with all the cold weather

  51. Vegan pumpkin pie all the way! Best part of the holidays.

  52. Whether it be the holidays or not, my favorite things to eat are oven roasted sweet potatoes. Also roasted chestnuts are too die for.

  53. Michelle Fournier says:

    Vegan gingerbread men/ladies!!!!

  54. Ashley Chew says:

    Chocolate! Any excuse I have to binge on its goodness I’ll take!!

  55. My favorite food holiday time or not is mashed potatoes and gravy!

  56. jennipher h says:

    My favorite food during the holidays is probably mashed potatoes and gravy.

  57. My favourite food to eat at Christmastime is most definitely CRANBERRIES!!! I eat them straight up thawed from frozen – better than candy! Mmm mmm!!! I also adore green beans! 🙂

  58. Mac and cheese is my all time favorite thing to make that and corn bread dressing.

  59. esymphonykea93 says:

    My favorite food to eat during the holidays is homemade ravioli.

  60. Samantha G says:

    My favorite food during the holidays would have to be acorn squash (with roasted walnuts and a maple syrup glaze…) Yum.

  61. My favorite holiday foods are pumpkin pie & virtually anything vegan containing mushr0oms. Mushrooms are my culinary soul mate

  62. I love making Christmas cookies!

  63. Any type of vegan cookies. 🙂

  64. my favorite food to eat during the holidays is vegan desserts!! anything with peppermint, holiday spices/ holiday themed. yum!

  65. I love to have some holiday cookies and some tea. Add a book or Christmas movie and that is a perfect evening!

  66. Brian Ferrin says:

    My favorite holiday food is home-made fudge

  67. Can I just say EVERYTHING? Ha! Stuffing is probable my favorite.

  68. My favorite food to eat during this season would have to be my holiday dishes of Vegetable Potpies with Sweet Potato Biscuits and Pasta with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce and Toasted Hazelnuts. Nothing better than making a healthy vegetarian dinner that tastes DELICIOUS!:)

  69. Pie of course! Apple and pumkin are my favorite.

  70. My aunt’s thumbprint cookies are something I look forward to every year!

  71. What is a holiday without pumpkin pie? I found a great pumpkin pie squares recipe I’m going to try!!!

  72. Vegan sugar cookies and making them with nieces and nephews

  73. I have so many lovely foods I enjoy indulging in but I guess most of all are the sweets!

  74. Tonya Sibu says:


  75. Vegan cookies

  76. I’m a sucker for soups when it gets chilly outside!

  77. My favorite thing to eat during the holidays is pie. So many different kinds of pie…

  78. andrew hancock says:

    Pumpkin Pie!

  79. Cookies! Any and all vegan cookies! I can’t get enough of them.

  80. Vegan latkes (with olive or other vegetable oil) with applesauce and tofutti non-dairy sour cream! mmm! 😀

  81. I must have pie. Pie for days, pie for life, pie forever

  82. All the sweet treats!

  83. sweet potatoes and cookies!

  84. michael toth says:

    Sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole

  85. I have not tried any vegan cheeses.

  86. For the holidays, I absolutely LOVE to eat Vegan Stuffing (the best) – green bean casserole (everyone say YUMMY), holiday cookies, carmels (are you getting that I love to eat b/c I do), hearty veggie stews & all variations of warm delicious drinks like hot chocolate!

  87. During the holidays I love my great-grandmas macaroni salad! Oh! And pecan pie!

  88. vegan cinnamon rolls

  89. emilyladler says:

    my favorite food to eat during the holidays would have to be latkes!

  90. Favorite holiday food is probably all from this all vegan restaurant that I go to. I had this yummy pastie around thanksgiving, and they also have pies and cinnamon rolls, perfect for the holiday time.

  91. I love eating homemade sugar cookies! 🙂

  92. Apapeony Peony says:

    i love your holiday recipes!

  93. Mashed potatoes! Hands down

  94. my favorite holiday food is osechi, a japanese food eaten on new years day ^^ that and mochi!

  95. The Christmas cookies that only get made once a year.

  96. Pre-vegan, I loved cookies. Now that I have gone whole food plant based no oil, i don’t really have a new favorite holiday food. I am starting to try new things, so someday I will have a new favorite, I’m sure.

  97. I do love pie. It’s not something I eat throughout the year or order if I dine out, but I will eat my share of pie around the holidays.

  98. During the holidays I enjoy eating vegan cheesy cauliflower caserole

  99. Latkes are definitely a favorite. =)

  100. My favorite foods to eat during the holidays are soups and desserts.

  101. My favorite holiday food is squash in any form.

  102. I love peppermint flavored things!

  103. I love hot chocolate and gingerbread fresh out of the oven. It’s perfect for a cold winter night. 🙂

  104. I love everything spiced–gingerbread, ginger snaps, molasses cookies–at Christmas!

  105. catherine Jackson says:

    My favorite holiday food is anything with sweet potatoes, pumpkin, or nuts!

  106. My favorite foods during the holidays are hot cocoa, cookies of any kind especially gingerbread, roasted sweet potatoes, spiced cakes and for savory I love any roasted veggies or blender soups.

  107. My favorite holiday food is green bean casserole! I have so many memories of it growing up and now that I have veganized it it will continue to be in my future!

  108. Vegan homemade stuffing! With cranberry sauce. So addicting and I adore it.

  109. Latkes!

  110. Those chocolate oranges!

  111. Around the Holidays I love anything that’s warm and comforting (soups, mashed potatoes, casseroles, etc.), and any sort of vegan/GF sweet. I especially love making vegan/GF sugar cookies!! Get. In. My. Belly. 🙂

  112. Pecan Pie! Yum!

  113. My favorite holiday food are spritz cookies, and I recently veganized them and they are AMAZING.

  114. Sean Astrup says:

    My favorite holiday food is homemade pumpkin hummus!

  115. oh man i love mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie! yummm <3

  116. My favorite holiday food is ginger cookies.

  117. My favorite holiday foods are anything vegan ~ I especially love butternut squash soup

  118. I love pumpkin anything or cheesy potatoes my sister makes

  119. I love peanut butter balls!

  120. sweet potato casserole

  121. I’m loving all the root veggies — ROASTED!

  122. Pomegranates a plenty!

  123. I love stuffing and sweet potatoes!

  124. mariamashta says:

    I love to eat at The Remedy in Raleigh, NC (where my boyfriend’s parents are) and they have the most amazing vegan sandwiches and fried broccoli…omg. But I of course look forward to sweets!

  125. I love lasagna for the holidays.

  126. Lauren Morris says:

    My favorite holiday food is LOVE!

  127. Pumpkin and peppermint EVERYTHING! 😉

  128. My favorite holiday food is the oatmeal bread my mother always made. Easy with only one rise. I have made it with King Arthur white whole wheat flour and it is as light as with all purpose. Awesome with homemade jam and maple syrup.

  129. Sweet potatoes are my favorite food to eat at main holiday meals.

  130. I love my mom’s cranberry cake… probably my fave Holiday food!

  131. i love cookies!

  132. I am a fondue freak and recently found a vegan recipe. Fresh baked bread, ripe pears, and cashew and kirsch fondue makes for the best meal.

  133. Bread which is rough as I’m trying to go low carb.

  134. from vegan with a vengeance — i love the gingerbread apple pie and make it for t-day every year.

  135. To me, it’s not the holidays without homemade needhams–chocolate covered coconut candies traditional to Maine. They taste like a Mounds bar. My great grand parents used to make them every year and I could never get enough.

  136. i love holiday cookies and sweet potatoes/root veggies!

  137. My favorite food to eat during the holiday is delicious cookies!

  138. My favorite food is rice!

  139. cookies!

  140. I love some Christmas cookies and tea 🙂

  141. I just try to make as many different desserts as often as I can. But cookies or a chocolate mousse pie are always a safe bet.

  142. During the holidays, I love egg nog! But, my favorite food is a crusty and hearty Italian bread from a local bakery. It’s mouth watering!

  143. Love make delicious vegan desserts

  144. Peppermint anything! Candy canes especially! yum

  145. Jennifer Schmidt says:

    Cookies, cookies, cookies!! Can’t wait to get baking this coming weekend 🙂

  146. Cookies – especially gingerbread, shortbread, spritz & decorated sugar cookies!

  147. Favorite holiday food is macaroni and cheese! Although that’s my favorite dish any day of the year 😉

  148. I love holiday cookies!

  149. My favorite is all types of fruits and veggies and vegan cheese. Helps me from eating all those sweets

  150. My favorite food is potatoes! Anything potatoes! Haha. And sweets, I suppose 😉

  151. My favorite foods to eat during the holidays are COOKIES and PIE!

  152. I love roasted root veggies this time of the year!

  153. LaTrese Williams says:

    My favorite food to eat during the holidays are spice nuts. Wait for them all year.

  154. Pumpkin pie and christmas cookies

  155. I love vegan pecan pie!

  156. Anything vegan and pumpkin 🙂

  157. Aarti Shah says:

    kale, mashed potato, seitan

  158. My favorite food to eat over the holidays are yule logs – they’re like peanut butter chocolate rice crispies and sooooo good and vegan

  159. Jenelle York says:

    My pumpkin obsession runs through December.

  160. I love shopping at vegancuts.com

  161. My favorite vegan cheese is Kite Hill white alder

  162. Any and all vegan cookies are my favorite treats for the holidays

  163. My favorite holiday food is black bean brownies. Sweetened with agave they remind me of my grandmother’s fudge….yummmmm…☺.

  164. Anything covered with cinnamon.

  165. foxesandfigs says:

    I’m a huge fan of Vegan Roasts. I also made a green bean casserole with parsnip purree that was out of this world.

  166. Fav food during the holidays are my Moms pirogi.
    We are Polish and have many special foods that we only have twice a year, Xmas and Easter. I can’t wait!!!

  167. I love baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon, vegan gingerbread cookies, and anything else that uses warm spices!

  168. I have so many memories of Christmas dinners/cookies. I am making and enjoying a lot of veganized cookies and candy

  169. sweet potato souffle!

  170. Gingerbread, definitely. And my grandmother’s sweet and sour cucumbers. But not together. Separately, that is. Oh! And Mexican hot chocolate!

  171. Pepparkakor (ginger) cookies and hot chocolate 🙂

  172. My favorite food for the holidays is sweet potatoes

  173. I love cranberries!

  174. Christy Reed says:

    Is it weird if I say salad? I really love salad. Also cookies are good, and beets, and potatoes of any kind in any form 🙂

  175. My favorite food to eat during the holidays is my mom’s delicious rock-hard dark chocolate “fudge”. Yummy!

  176. My favorite holiday food is pumpkin pie!

  177. My favorite holiday food has got to be vegan cookies! Well, making them moreso than eating them (ha!) We’re planning on making several varieties and veganizing some family favorites.

  178. Jennifer Finnegan says:

    It’s all about a variety of homemade vegan Christmas cookies!

  179. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes are probably my favorite holiday food(:

  180. Jennifer Sanchez says:

    My favorite food to eat around the holidays is dessert! I also love making dishes from scratch using lots of fresh veggies.

  181. My favorite thing to eat is roasted carrots and potatoes, as well as all of the great cookies!

  182. Wow thanks for the giveaway and I love to eat cookies during the winter holiday

  183. Love cookies!.. and homemade soups!

  184. My favorite food to eat during the holidays is gingerbread cookies. Yum!

  185. Anything sweet! I could skip the meal and go right for the desserts!

  186. My favorite holiday food is sweet potato pie.

  187. Cookies are my favorite this time of year!

  188. Stuffing. So much vegan stuffing. And miso gravy.

  189. Cookies!!!

  190. I like every type of squash that exists, so around the holidays I am perfectly happy roasting them, stuffing them, making soup out of them, even muffins.

  191. My favorite food is ice cream!

  192. I love creamy chocolate fudge!

  193. I love to eat cranberry bliss bars.

  194. This season I tend to eat and make lots of veggie soup! Curry soup, cabbage soup, anything with an abundance of veggie goodness 🙂

  195. Guilty in loving eggnog made with soy milk!

  196. Peppermint hot chocolate(just raw cacao powder, peppermint essence, coconut sugar, and warm cashew milk!). it definitely feels a lot more special to enjoy over the holidays than any other time of the year.

  197. During the holiday season I enjoy making vegan pumpkin cheesecake, and raw berry pie.

  198. I’m a sugar addict, I love almond milk “egg” nog in my coffee! Also all manner of cookies.


  200. Soup!!!

  201. tabby hamrick says:

    My favorite food during the holidays is anything with pumpkin or sweet potatoes.

  202. Gosh that is a hard decision…. Eat — Pumpkin, especially my Pumpkin Squares … Drink — Eggnog
    Merry Christmas!

  203. Keya Millionie says:

    I love baking pies, any kind really.

  204. I love to make vegan snicker doodles and gingerbread during the holidays. There so delicious

  205. Sara Jewell says:

    All the desserts I can.

  206. Hi! I entered my name as Nik in the rafflecopter, forgot it links to your wordpress blog 🙂 I love chocolate and hot cocoa! And cinnamon on ALL the things! Also (sorry haha! vegan food is just so good) apple butter and kite hill cheese on crackers!

  207. Rachel Plotkin says:

    my favorite thing to eat is vegan chocolate almond biscotti <333

  208. I like to eat stewed pork and sauerkraut with apples and cloves around the holidays. We always stew it on the 31st so it’s ready for January 1st.

  209. Samantha Garcia says:

    I’m still deciding… This is my second holiday season as a vegan… I love all baked goods! Cakes, cookies, muffins…

  210. I loved roasted veggies and fruit pies.

  211. Samantha Garcia says:

    I haven’t figured out what I’m making for the holidays just yet. I’m so last minute. Haha.

  212. Samantha Garcia says:

    I asked to Santa to take me home for the holidays. I can’t wait to watch my nephew wake up on xmas morning! My dad is in the hospital, so I’m also wishing and hoping for speedy recovery for him.

  213. Loved how they all acted like Oprah … you get this… etc.

  214. Corryne Graf says:

    My absolutely favorite is mashed potatoes.. regular or sweet. Actually I love them all year but I especially up my intake during the holidays! My mom used to let me make them when I was little so I think that might play into it but of course I now make them vegan! Yum! Happy Holidays! Loved reading what everyone else loves to eat!

  215. So hard … I love peppermint, all things chocolate, almond, cinnamon.

  216. I love making sweet potato casserole! Yummm

  217. Sweet potato casserole is just so amazing! I love it!

  218. I am now working on creating the most amazing sweet potato dish!

  219. We make meatballs in various forms this time of year.

  220. Elizabeth M. says:

    My favorite thing to eat are muffins for dessert!

  221. Tiramisu is my favorite holiday treat!

  222. Johanna Kim says:

    Warm sweet potato pie with fresh whipped cream.

  223. I work at a church and people bring lots of goodies in…I love to eat all the homemade sweets.

  224. Rosemary biscuits with a sweet potato mash!

  225. I really love eating cookies during the holidays. Is that so wrong??

  226. Seitan Roast!

  227. Katherine B says:

    I love eating sauteed apples on everything!

  228. Homemade hot cocoa is the best holiday treat!

  229. before I was diabetic, I loved chocolate pumpkin bread, anything chocolatey and peppermint and eggnog. Now I’m searching out more healthy ways of enjoying those favorites.

  230. My favorite food to eat during the holidays is cookies! and sweet potatoes

  231. Sweet potatoes and… brussels sprouts! 😉

  232. My favorite food to make are Christmas cookies!

  233. I love broccoli casserole (broccoli, mushroom gravy, Daiya cheddar, and vegan bacon – baked to perfection!) and pumpkin pie. I finally made a decent vegan pumpkin pie this year and the So Delicious CocoWhip was a fantastic topper for it!

  234. My favorite food during the holidays is my grandmother’s potato salad that I’ve made vegan.

  235. Favorite food: Tempeh Strips

  236. My favorite food to eat during the holidays are cookies!

  237. My favorite food during the holidays baked sweet potato (especially the japanese purple ones, yum!). I tried baking fullyrawkristina’s pecan pie today and it was a HUGE success! So I’ll definitely be making that at our Christmas party 🙂

  238. Not gonna lie–I really enjoy the super festive holiday desserts! 😛

  239. My favorite food during the holidays is my mom’s buckeyes. I’m trying to make them a little healthier this year. 🙂

  240. Roguetigger87 says:

    My favorite food for the holidays is homemade hot cocoa and cookies!

  241. I’m not sure what I’ll be making yet, maybe gingerbread cupcakes, or vegan chex mix.

  242. Melanie Schultz says:

    Christmas Cookies!!

  243. I mostly eat the same things even with holidays being the only vegan in the house. At least for end of year vegan comfort food will be present for me, my bf, and his mom to enjoy. I would really like to try a vegan loaf sometime soon too.

  244. My Favorite Food During The Holidays Is Eggplant Lasagna. mmmmmmmm

  245. Potatoes are hands-down my top food for the holiday! They can be crispy or soft, mashed or baked… there are so many options! Plus with a German heritage, the recipes that I can vegan-ize are endless 🙂

  246. Kayla Seguin says:

    Cookies. ALL OF THE COOKIES.

  247. Vegan Zombie Tamales

  248. My favorite food to eat during the holidays is kabocha squash. I love it’s nutty flavor and edible flesh! It tastes great in fudge, hummus, winter salads and soups.

  249. I’d have to say fudge. Vegan, of course!

  250. Cinnamon zucchini bread, savory congee, and vegan chilies are my ultimate holiday comfort foods 🙂

  251. Victoria Fabry says:

    Sounds counterituitive given we just had Thanksgiving, but I love pumpkin anything at Christmas.

  252. i enjoy eating cookies (any kind)

  253. Pecan pie and cheesecake were always my fav so I’m going to try to make my first vegan versions this year.

  254. I love eating anything savory! One or two sweet things is fine, but a hearty helping of vegan pot pie or a casserole is better than any dessert in my book!

  255. I’m so excited for vegan Christmas cookies!

  256. Hmmm…probably pumpkin pie!

  257. I love chocolate and candy canes.

  258. Grapefruit

  259. My favorite food to eat during the holidays is peanut butter cookies.

  260. ALL the vegan cookies!

  261. Karen Ashley says:

    My favourite foods during the holidays are sweet potato pie. My family also has a tradition of making homemade peppermint bark and sending it out to friends, as well as saving some for when we watch movies. This year, I’ve convinced my family to try making a vegan version! I’m so excited about this 😀

  262. I love chai tea with cinnamon and TruJoy candy canes!

  263. My favorite is the dressing…only get it during the holidays so it is extra special especially with my homemade cranberry sauce on top!!

  264. Jessica Isaac says:

    I’m loving sipping hot chocolate made with coconut milk, date paste, and dark chocolate.

  265. Gingerbread anything and homemeade vegan eggnog!

  266. Apple crumb pie

  267. Chocolate with hazelnuts…well I like to eat that all the time 🙂

  268. why can’t I find the winner anywhere?? Just curious as it is obviously not me 🙂

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